About Us

Bobbleheads are great gifts for is a Toronto-based company that has been providing quality, custom bobbleheads in Canada and throughout North America for over 18 years.  It all begins with a photo from you.

When you give a unique customized gift to someone, you want it to be special.  Whether you want a custom head on a stock body, or you want a full head-to-toe custom bobblehead,  we want to create it with you!

In the ‘ol days bobbleheads were made of clay, and although they bobbled well, they broke easily. These days the industry-standard material used is poly resin.  Bobbleheads no longer break easily, and they are made from materials that sculptors and painters love working with.

After sampling products from many different locations, we established relationships with factories that produce the very best quality bobbleheads for all our customers.

Once an order is placed, our sculpt artists begin the process of designing and sculpting the head and body to look like the original photos.  You may approve the sculpt or request any changes you want.  After approval, it will be hand-painted by an air-brush paint specialist.

As soon as a painted bobblehead is approved by the customer, it is packaged and shipped directly to that customer anywhere in the world.

Whether you buy a custom male bobblehead or a custom female bobblehead or a couples bobblehead or a bobblePET, your satisfaction is our number one priority.

We will work with you during the sculpt and paint processes to ensure that you will be happy with the finished product.

Do you need that perfect EMPLOYEE APPRECIATION gift, a CORPORATE EVENT GIVEAWAY, or a SALES AWARD?  We will work with you to create it!  Have a logo of a character you want turned into a bobblehead?  We will make it for you!

We welcome bulk orders!

See how easy and efficient it is to order from us.  Our pricing is competitive, and we encourage feedback throughout the stages  of sculpting and painting.

Our specialty is customer service!  For all your custom bobblehead needs and inquiries, you can contact us anytime at  or call  1-800-930-8572.

You are very important to us, and we welcome you to!

-Mr. Bobbleworld

Bobblehead making process includes

First we Sculpt!
Then We Make a Mold!
It's Painting Time!
Before & After

The Making of