Full Custom Head-To-Toe Single Bobblehead


Full Custom Head-To-Toe Single Bobblehead


  • Choose the skin color that best suits yours!

    Choose your bobblehead hair color!

    Choose the eye color for your bobblehead!

    *Front View

    Used for face and expression.

    • (max file size 1,000 MB)

    Used for secondary profile details.

    • (max file size 1,000 MB)

    Used to match your custom body perfectly.

    • (max file size 1,000 MB)

    Choose any extras you want!

    • 3 $(extra)
    • 15 $(extra)

    Be in a vehicle or on a couch! Use your imagination!

    • 45 $(extra)
    • 75 $(extra)
    • 45 $(extra)
    • 45 $(extra)
    • 130 $(extra)
    • 130 $(extra)
    • 130 $(extra)

    Anything else we need to know about your extras or your order?

    • $

    Did you just make a custom scene? Awesome! You can upload an image of it below.

    • (max file size 1,000 MB) $
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  • Description

Product Description in Canada specializes in helping customers like you create your own full custom head-to-toe bobbleheads which are available in single, couples, or bobbleheads of you and your favorite pet.

Whether you’re looking for a custom Bobblehead pet (Bobblepet), single full body bobblehead, or couples’ bobbleheads, we can help. The process is easy and starts with uploading face photos and body photos which we will use to make the customized products for you! If you only have an image of the face but would like to customize the body, we can help you. Just send us an image of your idea or, we can design and customize a bobblehead based on a theme.

Check out our Hall of Fame and see some of the corporate and wholesale bobblehead orders we have made.

Our sculpt artists and painters produce some of the best quality bobbleheads in the industry! We work with you during the sculpt and paint processes to ensure your happiness with our products.

It’s easy to make your own bobblehead. All you need is a quality photo of the person’s face and an idea.

Our specialty is customer service! For all your custom bobblehead needs and inquiries, you can contact us anytime at or call 1-800-930-8572.