Custom Head-To-Toe BobblePet Bobbleheads!


Custom Head-To-Toe BobblePet Bobbleheads!


Create one-of-a-kind Bobbleheads of your Pets! Custom head-to-toe bobbleheads of your pets. Just upload a photo of your pet and we take care of the rest!   *priced for each pet*

  • Choose the eye color for your bobblehead!

    *Front View

    Used for face and expression details.

    • (max file size 1,000 MB)

    This will be used for body positioning!

    • (max file size 1,000 MB)

    Anything else we need to know about your extras or your order?

    • $

    Did you just add an extra? Awesome! You can upload an image of it below.

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  • Description

Product Description in Canada loves to make custom made bobbleheads of your favorite pets! We understand how precious your pet is to you, and we know how detailed you want your bobblehead pets to be.

Bobblepets are each sculpted from the photos that you upload onto our Order page. From head-to-toe, our sculpt artists and painters will work very hard to make sure that your dog bobblehead or cat bobblehead or any other type of pet bobblehead has a great likeness to the photos you provide.

BobblePETS are wonderful gifts for all family members! Each one is custom made.

Whenever you see your bobble pet it will b e a joyous experience for you and a reminder of just how much you love your pet! Hold the body and bobble the head, and it will bring you laughter for years and years!

Let make a custom bobblehead pet for you!

Our specialty is customer service! For all your pet bobblehead needs and inquiries, you can contact us anytime at or call 1-800-930-8572.